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The built environment, tour complexity, and active travel
Spatial analysis of urban built environments and vehicle transit behavior
A capability-based approach to defining performance characteristics of the built environment
Healthy mobility: untangling the relationships between the built environment, travel behavior, and environmental health
Effects of the perceived and objectively assessed environment on physical activity in adults and children
Fenghwangchen Church, built in 1936.
The Lukona church being built
The church in Cuddalore built in 1931.
Blind Home in Mukden. Industrial building built in 1923 (built by my husband)
God's Church built in Kwantien, 1941
Fenghwangchen Church built in 1936. The altar.
Fenghwangchen Church, The Cathedral, built in 1936.
The floating tree: crafting resilient state narratives in post-truth environments the case of Georgia, 2017
The new ways of corporate communication in virtual environments: case studies of Second Life
Edge indexing in a grid for highly dynamic virtual environments
Developing a data-driven model of overall thermal sensation based on the use of human physiological information in a built environment
["Show" hut built by the pupils of the boarding school]
Crisis communication for tourism destinations in the new media environment
Pitsaikou Church. "The Church of God is being built" 1941
The school building in Pitsaikou, built in 1920
The old mud-built church in Vaipoor Village.
The missionary bungalow in Kallakurichi, built in 1894-95.
A big church built by FIDES
Partly Built Hut, Malawi, ca. 1914-1918
[In Maphutseng, a missionary house built by Gosselin]
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