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The Characterization Of Huntington Beach And Newport Beach Through Fourier Grain-Shape, Grain-Size, And Longshore Current Analyses
"Hairballs" and other drawings
Adopting the China route
Characterization of permeability fields between horizontal wells using a hybrid of cross -hole imagery and repeat interference test
An Analysis Of The Content Of Selected Sport Magazines, 1889-1965
Dress And Grooming Standards In California Secondary Schools
Hypnotic Susceptibility, Achievement Motivation, And The Treatment Of Obesity
Portrait of Don Pio Pico and his wife, [s.d.]
Portrait of Brigadier General Daniel H. (L.H.?) Rucker, [s.d.]
Portrait of Reyes De Landes Y Yorba de Yorba, daughter of Ramone Yorba, [s.d.]
Painted portrait of Antonia de Bandini, [s.d.]
Drawn portrait of Jose Castro, [s.d.]
Portrait of Antonio Maria de la Guerra, [s.d.]
Painted portrait of Jose De Galves, Visitor General of the Kingdom and Marquis of Sonora (Toura?), [s.d.]
Portrait of Dona Gregorgia Ontiveros (Ontiveras) de Romero, [s.d.]
Portrait of Maria Engracia y Reyes de Vejar, [after 1877?]
Portrait of Dona Ysabel Varela Avila Del Valle, [s.d.]
Sioux Indian Renegades Chief Kicking Bear, Young Man Afraid Chief of all the Sioux's, and Slanding Bear, ca.1891
Young man pushing a wheelbarrow taxi, China, ca.1900
Man in a military police uniform standing in front of a bicycle shop in Shanghai, ca.1900
Periodical vendor setting out his wares on a cobblestone street in China, ca.1900
Portrait of Cave Johnson Couts of Guajome Ranch, taken upon his graduation from West Point, 1843
Portrait of Don Francisco Garcia, the Mexican courier between the U.S. and the City of Mexico, at 115 years of age, ca.1890
Portrait of young Yuma "buck", Christian Noble (Charley), ca.1898
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