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"1647 - Bulletin Board, Chinatown", postcard, 1909-12-11
"225. A street in Chinatown, L.A.", photograph, circa 1898
"2nd Annual Barbecue, Retail Butchers, Board of Trade, Los Angeles Co. Cal.", photograph, circa 1900s
"37. The Old and the New of Los Angeles, Showing Pepper Trees in Sonora Town," cabinet photograph, 1893
"Chicken of the Sea" for miniatures, Southern California, 1935
"Envisioning the future" benefit event, School of Fine Arts, USC, 2009
"Football at L.A.  Coliseum" score board, USC, 1956
"For the Sake of Love" promotion, 2006
"Jap Evacuation -- Two-year-old Keith Miyamoto" -- caption on photograph
"Japanese Board Repatriation Transport -- Sober faced Japanese, many of them children born in U.S., file aboard transport in Portland, Oregon to return them to Japan."--caption on photograph.
"Japanese Line-Up for Trip to Japan -- Young mothers, their youngest slung on their back, wait patiently to board transport on which they will be returned to Japan."--caption on photograph
"Japs Sprayed with DDT" -- caption on photograph
"Live" in St. Louis, 1983
"Lord Here I Am", Kenneth Glover, [s.d]
"Mallarmé: portraitist of Baudelaire & Poe" by André Masson, [s.d.]
"Miss Sea Legs", 1958.
"MP Helps Jap Child -- Pvt. Charles Robinson of Houston, Texas, carried sick Jap child when Japanese diplomats and their families from Europe boarded Army transport gen. G.M. Randall in Seattle t...
"No Trespassing" sign mounted on a power pole along Eastern Canal in Venice, CA, 1956
"Old Santa Fe Railroad station hundreds of Japanese yesterday boarded a 13-coach train bound for Inyo, where they will transfer to trucks" -- caption on photograph
"Save our beaches!", Venice, CA, 1935
"Society" -- To Honolulu for months vacation, 1955
"The Anointing" program, 1993
"Too Good to Let Go" stageplay promotion, 2005
"Turning His Back -- At San Pedro yesterday, Harada Teruyoshi (carrying suitcase) was one of 676 Japanese who turned their backs on the United States and boarded the transport General Ernst to sa...
"Waiting to board a pullman" -- caption on photograph
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