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Musical instrument, India, ca. 1930
Electronic and optoelectronic devices based on quasi-metallic carbon nanotubes
Afro-American and Caucasian employees for the Bureau of Standards and Sewer Maintenance working on a sewer, ca.1920
Mask in Bangou
Building a feeling of security among Negro students as citizens of a democracy.
A telescope making manual for students
The leisure time activities of a selected group of Negro girls
Handbook on educational diagnosis for Negro secondary schools in Texas with emphasis on personality testing
An investigation of opportunities for Negroes in the fields of engineering in the Pasadena area.
An appraisal of the educational program of selected consolidated rural high schools for Negroes in Texas
Structure-function studies of random and semi-random poly(3-hexyl thiophene) copolymers
Football game involving Belmont High School, photograph, circa 1925
Synthesis of high-quality nanoparticles using microfluidic platforms
Rosita Tona, photograph, 1935
Everardo Muzquiz, photograph, 1933-05-22
Door of woman's hut in Bazou
Novel nanomaterials for electronics, optoelectronics and sensing applications
Alberto Muzquiz, photograph, 1933-04-16
Students Everardo Muzquiz and Rosita Tona, photographs, 1933/1935
Puye cave dwellings (or Santa Clara ruins?), New Mexico, ca.1900
Electromagnetic modeling of plasmonic nanostructures
Women and girls of Mount Meru, Tanzania, 1906
Girl of Topoki Tribe, Congo, ca. 1920-1930
Genaro and Blanca, Peru, ca. 1947
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