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Close-up of a ship, showing a man with binoculars above the central cabin, May 1936
A perceptual organization approach for figure completion, binocular and multiple-view stereo and machine learning using tensor voting
Differential regulation of anatomical and functional visual plasticity by NgR1
A study of individual differences in binocular color fusion
Christmas articles, Bullock's, Southern California, 1935 [image 8]
Racial and social-class differences as perceived by seventh-grade children through binocular rivalry
Christmas articles, Southern California, 1934 [image 8]
Men's suits for Mr. Land, Southern California, 1929 [image 20]
Men's suits for Mr. Land, Southern California, 1929 [image 19]
Photograph album 10, page 42
Zulu king Dinuzulu, South Africa, [s.d.]
Fr. Francis T. Donnelly at Meixien China, 1930.
Hunting party, Tehchow, Shandong, China, 1922
View of Death Valley from Dantes Point, 5,200 feet above the valley, ca.1900-1950
Three people peering through a spy-glass at the Glacier Point Lookout in Yosemite National Park, ca.1900
Portrait of the radio operator at the Marine Exchange in San Pedro, [s.d.]
St. Patrick's Day page in Examiner, 1958
Beaches full on Sunday (Huntington Beach State Park), 1960
Huge heather behind Schaberg senior and junior, South Africa, ca.1936-1937
Interior of the office of the Hotel Grand View, Grand Canyon, ca.1900-1930
Men golfing near an automobile, [s.d.]
A front view of Juarez Race Track Grand Stand, ca.1900
The victor of Tschong muk theu, General fam Schak sang.
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