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The first two persons from the Right are Chandara and Bon, two Khmer staffs teaching Bible Stor...
Young Tibetan person with turban and earring, Tibet, China, ca.1941
African person sitting in front of a hut, southern Africa, [s.d.]
Utilizing brand personality while engaging Millennials on Twitter
Personal branding and lifestyle bloggers: can blogs become brands?
Teaching staff at the school in Pitsaikow. The persons from left to right are: John Vyff, teach...
Don't believe PETA's lies
The land of make believe : the Saint
Young Chinese person eating rice with chopsticks, Changde, Hunan, China, ca.1900-1919
Person with leprosy.
Person with leprosy.
French personalities, in Cameroon
Bamileke personalities, in Cameroon
32. Persons receiving food.
The trial of believers, Barnaul, 1963
Personalities of the Evangelical Church of Cameroon and missionaries, in Cameroon
African men carrying a European person, Makulane, Mozambique, ca. 1896-1911
Self Made is well-deserved. Two-person xylophone from Ruhijas workshop, ca. 1968. (Ruhija Schoo...
Personality and cognitive aging: are positive traits protective?
Madras/Chennai Tamil Nadu, South India. The ALC Community Centre, Broadway Church. Persons from...
Berit Daugaard Hansen, Copenhagen 1991. Personal Secretary of Danish Santal Mission, 1982-96. I...
Berit Daugaard Hansen, Copenhagen. Personal secretary of Danish Santal Mission, 1982-96. Interr...
The DSM Personal Secretary, Berit Daugaard Hansen (left) with the Missionaries Hanne and Ole Ki...
Berit Daugaard Hansen. Personal secretary of Danish Santal Mission, 1982-96. Interrupted by 4 y...
Investigating the effects of personality factors on goal shielding
of 1876