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Dynamic network model for systemic risk
Citizens Bank building at Leimert Park, Los Angeles, CA, 1930 [image]
New Glendale branch, Los Angeles First National Bank, Southern California, 1928 [image]
Various System parks, Los Angeles, CA, 1941 [image 8]
Pacific Southwest Bank, Hudson & Hollywood Boulevard Branch, Los Angeles, CA, 1924 [image 1]
First National Bank of Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills, CA, 1930 [image 2]
Pacific Southwest Bank at West 6th Street and South Western Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 1926 [image]
New branch, Security-First National Bank, at West 85th Street & South Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, CA, 1929 [image 2]
Exteriors of West 6th Street & South Western Avenue branch, Pacific-Southwest Trust and Savings Bank, Los Angeles, CA, 1926 [image 2]
Pacific-Southwest Trust & Savings Bank - Huntington Park Branch, Huntington Park, CA, 1924 [image 2]
Deposit insurance, bank risk management and credit source choices
First National Bank of Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills, CA, 1930 [image 1]
Early-warning systems for crisis risk
Insurgent Guerrero: Genaro Vázquez, Lucio Cabañas and the guerrilla challenge to the postrevolutionary Mexican State, 1960-1996
Macroeconomic conditions, systematic risk factors, and the time series dynamics of commercial mortgage credit risk
Pacific Southwest Bank vaults, Southern California, 1927
Window display, Citizens National Bank, West 3rd Street and South Broadway, Los Angeles, CA, 1930 [image]
Pasadena Bank, Pasadena, CA, 1928
Pricing OTC energy derivatives: credit, debit, funding value adjustment, and wrong way risk
Bank vault
Bank vault
Bank vault
Bank vault
California Bank
National City Bank building, Southern California, 1925
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