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Bridge over Birbir River near Yubdo, Ethiopia, 1952
River bed in the Didessa Valley, Ethiopia, 1952
Elevated view of mission buildings, Algeria, ca.1920-1940
Panoramic view of Los Angeles, showing Main Street and Broadway looking north from Eleventh Street, November 21, 1931
Welcoming Dr. Ernst Pfleiderer in front of the Basel Mission hospital in Agogo on August 1st 1932. Dr. Huppenbauer is sitting in the car, some employees standing in the background.
On the way from Nwereme to Bakunu. Schäfer's car. He himself is at the front undertaking repairs. Inspector Kellerhals is sitting in the car, Brother Ringwald is outside.
Entrance to Ing Tai, Fujian, China, ca. 1937
Arrival of the first car on the mission station, Ayra, Ethiopia, ca.1931-1935
Campus bell, Fukien Christian University, Fuzhou, Fujian, China, ca.1946
Car blessed by bishop, Africa, ca.1920-1940
Bridge over Birbir River near Yubdo, Ethiopia, 1952
Abbie G. Sanderson standing with Thai Jong villagers, Shantou, Guangdong, China, 1919
Road running through forested hills in Ing Tai, Fujian, China, 1936
Design and characterization of metal and semiconducting nanostructures and nanodevices
Magnetic induction-based wireless body area network and its application toward human motion tracking
Applying automated techniques to large seismic datasets for systematic analyses of phases, source, and structure
Integrating data analytics and blended quality management to optimize higher education systems (HEES)
Break in the shadow of a truck, Ethiopia, 1952
Car fighting its way through shrubland, Ethiopia, 1952
Paulo Lombardo and his truck, Ethiopia, 1952
"We're housemakers, we read the Times women's page", Los Angeles Times, Southern California, 1935 [image 3]
Accident (1930) in which Rev. Schäfer remained unhurt.
Teachers' guide for the Hope School District.
Fluorinated probes of enzyme mechanisms
The dynamics of strategic change: Unravelling the impacts of technology, management and prior performance
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