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"By train and by auto caravan, 1000 men of Japanese birth or Japanese ancestry left Los Angeles yesterday for evacuation camp at Manzanar in the Owens River Valley" -- caption on photograph
"Lunchtime For Japanese Convoy -- Enroute to their new homes in a reception center at Manzanar, California, Japanese traveling in an auto convoy paused in the Mojave desert for a box lunch provid...
"Pioneer auto dealer visits Shanghai," Sunday Mercury 10/29/1939
"San Francisco Japanese Face Crisis" -- caption on photograph
"Scotty", Southern California, 1933
"The West Coast Magazine", 1911-09
"Top" of Ford coach, National Auto Top Co., Southern California, 1930
"You Auto Buy Now" parade in Hollywood, 1958
"You Auto Buy Now" week campaign, 1958
$50,000 smog check, 1954
$5000 check and license application, Southern California, 1927
'Buy one get one free', Western Auto Supply, Southern California, 1931
'Yo-yo' shop, auto paint shop, Southern California, 1929
An Examination Of Values And Violent Crime Rates
The Analysis Of Circular Data
Body, Space, And Movement: A Phenomenological Approach To Urban Design
A Fuzzy Controlled Nonuniform Diffusion Model For Competing Products
Yoga and its physiological and psychological impacts on the elderly
Politics and economics of urban runoff in southern California:  Investigation of alternative solutions
Interactive C++ program to generate plank system lines for timber rib shell structures
Assessment of minimal model applicability to longitudinal studies
Whiplash-associated disorders:  Related anatomy, biomechanics of injury, and the relationship between injury potential and automotive seat design
Reinforced concrete structure design assistant tool for beginners
Biological materials investigation by atomic force microscope (AFM)
Clathrin associated protein (AP) binding motifs in AD5 penton
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