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"Allen, Ray" (Berkowitz, memo, 1991-05-17, to Kay)
"Ding Dong Daddy" divorce, 1955
"Green scarf" bandit, 1952
"Green Scarf" bandit, 1952
"Jap aliens getting traveling permits -- aliens at U.S. Attorneys office"--caption on photograph
"Kingfish" shooting, 1958
"Mallarmé: portraitist of Baudelaire & Poe" by André Masson, [s.d.]
"Robin Hood" bookie...Superior Court, Long Beach, 1951
"They're Japanese -- but loyal Americans.  Some of the nation's most loyal citizens are those of Japanese, German and Italian descent" -- caption on photograph
$20,000,000 gold et cetera, 1952
100-year club, 1953
11.4. IC on LAPD / general counsel - 1991 May 1 meeting (4 of 4), 1960 Dec. - 1991 May 7
113. Helen Trent, 1959-08-14; Ole Stumbis poems; Helen Trent, 1959-08-14; Paul Coates beauty contest, 1959-08-13; Barbeshop quartet competition, 1958
12.4. IC on LAPD / general counsel - attorneys, 1991 Apr. 4-30
127. Lew Irwin reports, 1959-12-02, 1959-12-07; Alexander King, 1959-12-08
Formative Influences In The Life Of Olive Schreiner, Victorian Feminist And Freethinker
The financial secrecy market: An economic analysis of international offshore financial centers
A Parallel Examination Of The Development Of Cultural Awareness And The History Of Photographic Practice In Los Angeles Leading To The Establishment Of The Los Angeles County Museum Of History, S...
Like a rolling stone: The oral history of a non-resident Indian in Los Angeles, California
Treating the new untouchables: Mental health professionals and sex offender treatment (a short radio documentary)
The City of Champions attempts a comeback:  Inglewood looks at economic and community revival
Ten years of California's three strikes law from the graduate school
Los Angeles and the debate about international students:  Why we should care and what we should do
Linking together:  The public relations campaign for the Asian Pacific American Dispute Resolution Center
A place to call my home
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