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[Ox teams pulling wagons in an arid landscape]
Procession crossing an arid plain, Ethiopia, ca.1920-1940
Double skin façade in hot arid climates: computer simulations to find optimized energy and thermal performance of double skin façades
Specimen of a pin cushion cactus on arid ground, [s.d.]
Cluster of trees in unidentified mountainous terrain, showing an arid clearing at center, [s.d.]
Procession crossing an arid plain, Ethiopia, ca.1935
Woman preparing food outside a grass hut on an arid plain, India, ca.1919-1943
People gathering on an arid plain by a deep trench, India, ca.1919-1943
Superinsulation Applied To Manufactured Housing In Hot, Arid Climates
Functional role of chromatin remodeler proteins in cancer biology
Exploring remote sensing and geographic information systems technologies to understand vegetation changes in response to land management practices at Finke Gorge National Park, Australia Between ...
Evaluating hydroclimatic systems across large metropolitan areas
Semi-arid coastal evaporite environment at Laguna Mormona, Pacific coast, Baja California, Mexico
Maximizing natural ventilation by design in low-rise residential buildings using wind catchers in the hot arid climate of United Arab Emirates
The Pacific Slope superstorms and the Big Winter of 1861−1862
A study of lawn making and maintenance in a semi-arid climate
Green roof performance in Los Angeles, California
Close-up of a thistle poppy (or fried eggs), [s.d.]
View of a plain
Large cactus (Opuntei Prolifera) growing in a field of scrub grass, ca.1920
Tropical foliage garden, ca.1920
Scraggley Sentinal Cypress in Monterey, growing out of the rocky coast, ca.1900-1901
Eroded rock formation behind a Torry Pine, ca.1910
Spatiotemporal patterns of salt and nutrient contamination in Los Angeles County's groundwater basins
Airflow investigation of fabric membrane forms: a fluid dynamic analysis for thermal comfort
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