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Peoples of Washington historical geographic information system: geocoding culture using archival standards
The 'standards' Lukona school. A group of pupils at work
The 'standards' Lukona school : the missionary house, former house of Nalolo
Officers of Standard Bearers club at Methodist girls' boarding school, Beijing, China, 1904
Standard Bearers club at Methodist girls' boarding school, Beijing, China, 1904
More lives to live?: archiving and repurposing the daytime soap opera
Slide Series "Give us this day..." Mission in Asia intended for children. Food: The standard of...
Christopher Trumbo: Growing up with the Blacklist pilot podcast produced utilizing primary source material from the Focus on the Masters Archive & Library
The standard school in Kasangan.
Standard bearers in the procession.
Church and standard school in Kw. Kap.
Mission standard school in Kw. Kapuas. (1925).
Standard school, mission house and church in Mandomai.
Cinema verite.  A descriptive study
The Annenberg Journal: Editorial content and business plan
Interfacing with a digital archive (ISLA) in enhancing elementary school geography instruction and learning
The inclusion of content on homosexuality in the social work curriculum in relation to attitudes toward homosexuality
The role of the district in the implementation of student promotion standards
The beginnings of literature based on the American frontier: A descriptive bibliography
A description of the meaning which cerebrovascular accident (stroke) patients ascribe to crafts
As the general health situation in countries of the East is quite bad, the young Westerners oft...
Dropouts from Los Angeles Childrens Hospital Psychiatric Clinic, March 1, 1967, to February 28, 1968, a descriptive study
An examination of the contract education program in a multi-college community college district in Southern California:  A descriptive and qualitative case study investigation
Mission school in Kasongan (Borneo).
Slide Series "BLC - A young church in Bangladesh" - To be a church in Bangladesh, No. 27 - Is t...
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