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Representing the unnarratable: “feminist terrorism” and the problem of realism in the novel
Dancing about architecture: performative interrogations of the body in the built environment
Colonial brews: café and power in the Américas
War on the Gold Coast - the Asantes in ambush.
Mr Ramseyer being led off to Kumase in captivity.
Cape Coast at the time of the Asante expedition 1873-4.
Asantes in ambush.
Ghandi speaks.
The missionaries held prisoner before the Asante King, Kumase.
Dr Judson in danger.
Sandab with his child. He can keep running at this pace for long periods.
Grave of an officer from the Asante war. 1900.
Ex-King Prempeh of Asante in exile on the Seychelles. The King and his relatives.
Ruins of the mission-house in Kumase, destroyed in 1900. Main building, outhouse.
One of the mission buildings destroyed in Kumase.
Representation of a deity in Karkala. In front Gandhi's volunteers ares standing dressed in white hand-woven garments.
Ghandi procession coming down past the front of the Basel Mission Bookshop in Mangalore.
Ghandi speaking to the crowd.
"Massacre Gate in Cawnpore." [Caption on mount]. - "The Massacre Ghat, Cawnpore." [Caption on image].
Mangoase: cocoa crisis March 1938, burning cocoa.
Mangoase: cocoa crisis March 1938, farmers' protest march to the place where cocoa was burned.
The survivors of a group of 90 mostly christian Hereros and Hottentotts banned to Cameroon after the war in German South-West Africa. On the extreme left Hendrik Witboi, leader of his tribe, chri...
Our arrival as prisoners or slaves in 1870 - in Kumase.
Preaching under an old tree in Kumase (ruined chapel on the other side of the road).
Basel missionaries in Hong Kong during 1900.