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In the courtyard of the Basel Mission store in Bonaku. 1. Soldiers of the Imperial Protectorate Troops collect freight. 2. Large boxes which have been unloaded from a steamer.
Auto-Orientalism and trauma
In front the little pile of ash and debris left from the destruction of the deities, behind a series of placards with the motto 'Remove the unequal treaties, so that imperialism can be uprooted. ...
Third World activists and the Communist University of the Toilers of the East
The missionary Gohl.
Burning of Hankow, China, 1911
Coronation of Emperor Haile Selassie I, Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, 1930
Radical crossings: from peasant rebellions to internationalist multiracial labor organizing among Japanese immigrant communities in Hawaii and California, 1885–1935
Gogol's hybrid performance: The creation, reception and editing of Vechera na khutore bliz Dikanki (Evenings on a farm near Dikan'ka) (1831-1832)
Long Corridor, Summer Palace, Beijing, China, 1927
Art and politics in the Russian satirical press, 1905-1908
Machos y malinchistas: Chicano/Latino gang narratives, masculinity, & affect
Lakeside pavilions, Summer Palace, Beijing, China, ca.1920-1940
Mandate and manipulate: constructing political legitimacy during the Yuan-Ming transition, 1351-1370
National transgressions: Representing the mobile, boundary-busting American during periods of major economic crisis
Money and trade, hinterland and coast, empire and nation-state: an unusual history of Shanxi piaohao, 1820-1930
Projected coevalness and post-colonial tourism: the persistence of cultural hierarchy in contemporary Japanese-Taiwanese film
Writing exile: Vietnamese literature in the diaspora
Unidentified building, Beijing, China, ca.1870-1880
Embroidered standing screens, Beijing, China, ca.1917-1923
Accra: Jamestown, ca. 1936.
Summer Palace lake, Beijing, China, ca. 1920-1940
Racial ambivalence in literatures of the Americas: mixed-race subjects in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries
Pozor kolonializmu!
From amity to enmity: the breakdown in Sino-Japanese relations
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