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Anthropomorphic sociality theory: how connections to nonhumans connect us to humans
Two anthropomorphic pieces of Toltec (Aztec) pottery from the cliff dwellers and Pueblo Indians of Mexico, ca.1900
How product designs and presentations influence consumers’ post-acquisition decisions
Experiential public relations: the importance of strategic messaging, understanding target audiences, and analysis of successfully curated brand-consumer interactions
Seoul National University's "Creepy Hollow", 2008
Ethiopian painting of Saint George killing a dragon, Ethiopia, ca.1900-1930
Stone Gods on display from prehistoric pueblo ruins near Santa Fe, New Mexico, ca.1895
The representation, learning, and control of dexterous motor skills in humans and humanoid robots
The connoisseur of pain: a novel; and, A new and sharper vision: sensuous aesthetics as theological immersion in Terrence Malick's The tree of life, Thomas Kinkade's landscapes, and Ron Hansen's ...
Goldweights of the Ethnographic Collection in Bern (84-115). Plate V.
The gold weights of the Imperial Museum for Anthropology in Leiden. Plate X.
The gold weights of the Imperial Museum for Anthropology in Leiden. Plate IX.
Jain temple.
Seven Pagodas.
Kadri - Festival in honour of the deities.
Hostel for pilgrims.
Wagon for a deity.
Deity in Tamoland [sic].
Shop selling idols in India.
Gadag temple near Bottigheri [sic].
Vishnu on the Cosmic Snake.
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