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The ghost-animal (tarsius-tarsius). (see rear [=annotations] for explanation].
Canal in Ponani (for explanation see rear  [=annotations]).
Mrs Zimmer in Muarateweh (cf. explanation on the rear [=annotations]).
Dr and Mrs Vischer with Sister M. Hoesch [... Cf. annotations].
The international outlook (1963 July, August, September) [partial copy, annotated]
The international outlook (1963 October, November, December) [partial copy, annotated]
Evangelist King and a teacher from the congregation in Labohan [... Cf. annotations].
Old book shop area December 1937. Table for a typewriter. Mr Krauss  [... Cf. annotations].
Students of the Seminary, and their teachers, Bandjermasin, 1925 [... Cf. annotations].
Women pounding rice. (explanation cf. the rear of the picture [=annotations]).
"Boarding school boys from Parapperi bathing (cf. the annotations below).".
Old book shop area, December 1937. The road forks off to the left [... Cf. annotations].
Salamat, Tambi Wilem. She comes originally from the upper regions [... Cf. annotations].
Grave of a man who was killed by a rhinocerous [... Cf. annotations].
Pahandut: a dajak house next door to the mission station [... Cf. annotations].
Our lepers fetch their rations from the hospital once a week [... Cf. annotations].
Muslim graves (for an explanation see the back of the photo [=annotations]).
Muslim graves (for an explanation see the back of the photo [=annotations]).
The old book shop area December 1937. Immediately in front of the entrance. On both sides [... Cf. annotations].
Children of the baby's home with nurses (see rear [= annotations]).
Entrance to an old non-christian house above Pudjun (Soengai Ringin). [... Cf. annotations].
Sapoendoe = buffalo stake. Before the beginning of the funeral itself [... Cf. annotations].
Girls from good families in Mengkatip. (see rear [=annotations] for an explanation).
The grave of someone who was formerly a christian [sic!  ... Cf. annotations]].
Non-christian landmarks in Tumbang Lahang, near the mission station  [... Cf. annotations].
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