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1. Hall for the ancestors.
Ancestor cult in Bameta.
Ancestor tablets, China, 1902-1924
A Chinese shrine to ancestors, Chinatown, Los Angeles, [s.d.]
Ancestor tree.
Altar for the ancestors, in Madagascar
Place for sacrifice to the ancestors [... Cf. annotations].
Hall for ancestors, China, 1902-1924
Altar for the ancestors in the Tanala region, Madagascar
Hall of the ancestors, China, 1902-1949
Cult of the ancestors.
Cult of the ancestors.
Ancestor tables in a hall for the ancestors.
Ancestor cult in Bameta.
Sacrifice to the ancestors in Antanavo (sacred lake) near Anivorano, in Madagascar
Temple for the ancestors, China.
Veneration of ancestors, Changde, Hunan, China, ca.1898-1910
Japanese official worshiping his ancestors, Hakodate, Japan, ca. 1918
Halls for the ancestors in the regional capital Yun on.
Kao family ancestor temple near West China Union University, Chengdu, Sichuan, China, ca.1941
Sacrifice to the ancestors at a grave.
Making a sacrifice to the ancestors.
"A shrine for the ancestors in Moilen".
Returning from venerating the graves [of ancestors].
China: inscriptions for the ancestors in Canton.
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