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"Alien Japanese Taken into Custody --  [...] at Vallejo, Feb. 5" -- caption on photograph
"Alien Japanese Taken Into Custody" -- caption on photograph
"Aliens Surrender Radios -- In compliance with U.S. order" -- caption on photograph
"All enemy aliens living in the above indicated evacuation area, an area thick with defense plants, must move by Feb. 24, the United States ordered yesterday.  Five miles wide, the zone extends 1...
"Construction Pushed On Japanese Community" -- caption on photograph
"George Hickey, Japanese alien who operates vegetable stand in prohibited area opposite Vultee plane factory, shown with his Nisei wife, Mrs. May Hickey, who will take over business when he leave...
"Here is a view of some of the Japanese taken into custody by FBI officers when a ferry from Terminal Island docked at San Pedro" -- caption on photograph
"In preparation for their removal to reception centers and employment projects in the interior.  Japanese aliens and Japanese-American citizens are pictured registering at downtown office."--capt...
"Jap aliens getting traveling permits -- aliens at U.S. Attorneys office"--caption on photograph
"Jap Evacuation -- Two-year-old Keith Miyamoto" -- caption on photograph
"Jap Reception Center Nears Completion" -- caption on photograph
"Japanese Arrive at Reception Center -- Ordered from their homes in Los Angeles by the Army" -- caption on photograph
"Japanese At Home In Evacuation City -- Shizuko Yamada does her washing at the reception center where alien and American-born Japanese are being evacuated for the duration" -- caption on photograph
"Japanese Evacuee Colony" -- caption on photograph
"Japanese Girls Make Selves At Home" -- caption on photograph
"Japanese Seized in Roundup" -- caption on photograph
"Japs Relocate In Scenic Spot" -- caption on photograph
"Rush Jap Aliens Away From Vital Area" -- caption on photograph
"Terminal Island Aliens Rounded Up -- Male Japanese aliens, numbering some 400, residing on Terminal Island, vital naval and shipbuilding center in Los Angeles Harbor, were taken into custody" --...
"This contingent of Santa Barbara County Japanese, who were rounded up in alien enemy raids under direction of FBI, shown leaving county jail yesterday en route to Midwest internment camps."--cap...
"This facsmile from a pamphlet distributed by the War Relocation Authority to the Japs-citizens and aliens" -- caption on photograph
"Uncle Sam is taking no chances upon leaving open possible meeting places for alien, or even Americanized Japs as a menace to national defense.  Hotels, cafes aand other public spots are sealed u...
"West Coast aliens guive up cameras.  On order of the United States Department of Justice, alien Japanese, Germans and italians swarmed San Francisco police headquarters to surrender shortwave ra...
112. Lipton on Roth v US, 1957; Lipton essay discussion; Radio poetry program
If Only I Could Remember. (Original Artwork)
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