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Samuel Heller, letter, 1935-04-23, to Hamlin Garland
Hamlin Garland, letter, 1923-09-07, to Fenton Benedict Turck
James Waddell Tupper, letter, 1922-02-22, to Hamlin Garland
Hamlin Garland, letter, 1914-04-08, to Edward J. Wheeler
Hamlin Garland, letter, 1921-11-28, to Harold Strong Latham
Forward LA, lunch keynote, LocoL; highlights, 2017-04-27/2017-04-28
Marjorie Barstow Greenbie, letter, 1920-05-20, to Hamlin Garland
The Women's Building of the Bay Area : winter women's art & crafts fair '82
Dugout cave homes in the side of cliffs, Gansu Province, China, ca.1926
Flailing the rice, Korea, ca. 1920-1940
A dispensary patient at Fushun, China, 1938
Mahatma Gandhi, Nagpur, India, ca.1937
Caravan, Nagpur, India, ca.1937
A side effect of leprosy is that many lose touch and pain sense on the hands and feet. This oft...
Mission for children in India. Slides 1990, "When I was blessed by an elephant". In some villag...
Factors inhibiting application for financial aid by low-income students at the University of Hawaii at Manoa
Socially assistive robots
Lake Elsinore: a southern California African American resort area during the Jim Crow era, 1920s-1960s, and the challenges of historic preservation commemoration
Decisions under influence: college presidents' athletics-related decision-making behavior at NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision institutions
Risks, returns, and regulations in real estate markets
Players play: extending the lexicon of games and designing for player interaction
Choosing wisely: a three paper dissertation exploring how parents evaluate and choose schools
String quartet
Transdisciplinary education approach for collaborative health
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