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The City of Champions attempts a comeback:  Inglewood looks at economic and community revival
The Administrative Man In A Research And Development Environment
The Appositive In English:  A Transformational Analysis
Two women folding garments in a Los Angeles clothing factory, ca.1928
Women working at sewing machines in a garment factory in Los Angeles, ca.1928
Orange fruit pickers, Santa Ana, ca.1900
Six street scenes of early Chinatown, ca.1900
View of the entrance to the Los Angeles County Fair in Pomona, showing fairgoers and a large canvas-topped tent, ca.1925-1929
Group portrait of the Los Angeles County Fair Queen and her co-contestants at the county fair in Pomona, ca.1950-1955
Flower decked auto in a (Fiesta?) parade, ca.1930
View of operators at the General Telephone Company switchboard, 1940-1950
Portrait of three women behind a large pile of oranges, [s.d.]
Five women in bathing suits dancing on the beach in Venice, [s.d.]
Three women, including the Los Angeles County Fair Queen, posing on a produce exhibit at the fair in Pomona, ca.1940
Two women labeling honey jars for the Southwest Honey Producer's Syndicate, 1930-1940
Interior of a citrus packing house, showing crates of fruit ready to be shipped, ca.1930
Female workers assembling shirts at a Garment District factory in Los Angeles, 1940-1950
Women inspecting nylon parachutes at a factory during World War II, 1941-1945
Air-conditioned magnet testing booth at the Grayson Controls Division of the Robert Shaw Fulton Controls Company, Long Beach, 1950-1960
Water-skiers in Avalon Harbor in Catalina, showing the casino in the background, ca.1940
Exterior view of the front of the Edward L. Doheny, Jr. Memorial Library at the University of Southern California, [s.d.]
Women wearing oversized masks on the beach in Venice, ca.1930
Millinery class at the Frank Wiggins Trade School in Los Angeles, ca.1920-1929
Interior view of the maternity ward at the Los Angeles County General Hospital, ca.1925
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