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"Bishop Charles Harrison Mason and those sanctified women", COGIC scholar's forum, 2002
"Dead" woman rescued, 1951
"I have no clothes to wear", Los Angeles Times, Southern California, 1940
"Just the House we've always wanted." - Francis Pyle, Southern California, 1936
"Kid from Spain" girls at John Brandeis Rancho, Chatsworth, Southern California, 1932
"Little Women" dress, Southern California, 1934
"Mallarmé: portraitist of Baudelaire & Poe" by André Masson, [s.d.]
"Marilyn", Southern California, 1931
"Reflection, the cross", notes for a sermon, [s.d.]
"Safespot" publicity, Southern California, 1933
"That's the oil I depend on", Hyvis Oil Co., Southern California, 1932
"The woman with the faith touch", notes for a sermon, [s.d.]
"We're housemakers, we read the Times women's page", Los Angeles Times, Southern California, 1935
$75,000.00 shipment of chinchillas, Los Angeles, Calif., 1938
'It's better than ever now', Southern California, 1933
(Society) -- Saint Patricks church, 1958
1/8 plane, Southern California, 1935
100-year-old woman (5734 West Boulevard), 1952
103-year-old Indian woman, 1952
12 unidentified people, [s.d.]
Formative Influences In The Life Of Olive Schreiner, Victorian Feminist And Freethinker
In Her Own Image
The Dream Becomes A Reality(?): Nation Building And The Continued Struggle Of The Women Of The Eritrean People'S Liberation Front
Perceptions And Realities: Women, Equality And Discriminatory Barriers In Japanese Society And Workplace
Hand Function In Older Adults: The Relationship Between Performance On The Jebsen Test And Adl Status
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