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Lower Cambrian trace fossils of the White-Inyo Mountains, eastern California: Engineering an ecological revolution
A survey of the Inyo county schools
Geology of Butte Valley, Inyo County, California
Bioturbation in Cambrian siliciclastic shelf strata: paleoecological, paleoenvironmental, and temporal patterns
The Paleozoic section in the Nopah and Resting Springs Mountains, Inyo County, California
The chronologic and stratigraphic evolution of the Coso Range, Inyo County, California
Paleoenvironments and the Precambrian-Cambrian transition in the southern Great Basin: Implications for microbial mat development and the Cambrian radiation
Death Valley Scotty
Portrait of Tom Hockett, California, ca.1900
Scotty's Death Valley Ranch, Death Valley
Living room, Scotty's Castle, California
Scotty's Castle and Guest House, Death Valley
Magnificent imported hand wrought chandelier, living room, Scotty's Castle, California
People standing near a street in Independence, ca.1886-1887
Music room, Death Valley Scotty's Castle, Death Valley, Calif.
In Scotty's Castle, Death Valley, California
Johnsons and Death Valley Scotty in Scotty's Castle
Elaborate door with hand wrought hinges, living room, Scotty's Castle, Death Valley, California
Fountain as seen from balcony of living room, Scotty's Castle, Death Valley, Calif.
Dining Room, Death Valley Scotty's Castle
Grave marker of two old prospectors, Shorty Harris and Jim Dalton, who were 20-mule team drivers, Death Valley, ca.1900-1950
Features of physical geology in Southern California
On protracted Laurentian rifting, continental freeboard, and cap carbonates in Neoproterozoic time
Precambrian, Eocambrian, and Cambrian rocks of the Basin and Range Province of Eastern California
Trends in extent and depth of bioturbation in Great Basin Precambrian-Ordovician strata, California, Nevada and Utah
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