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Civic games with 'local fit': embedding with real‐world neighborhoods and place‐based networks
Conservation and reconstruction of textile blocks: an investigation of treatment and replacement options at the Frank Lloyd Wright Freeman House
Portrait of Benjamin Flint, Long Beach, California, [s.d.]
Portrait of Judge Benjamin Ignatius Hayes, [s.d.]
Portrait of Mrs. Benjamin Goldman (Goldmin?), [s.d.]
Exterior view of Dr. Benjamin B. Briggs' House on Crescenta Terrace, ca.1885
Decorated steam locomotive used by President Benjamin Harrison, April 24, 1891
Painting by Benjamin Constantz depicting the "Emperor Justinian and the Compilers of the Corpus Juris", 1886
Portrait of Benjamin D. "Don Benito" Wilson, former Mayor of Los Angeles, [s.d.]
Four horse hack outside of the Los Angeles House hotel in Pasadena, at the disposal of United States President Benjamin Harrison, 1891
Portrait of Major General Benjamin C. Butler, Washington D.C., 1861
Lithograph from Benjamin Nayer's diary depicting the exterior of the Plaza Church in Los Angeles, 1860
Mourning melancholia: modernist poetics and the refusal of solace
The church service music of Benjamin Britten
The life of Benjamin D. Wilson
The poetry of an example: Toward a compatibility of a hermeneutics and a poetics of language in the texts of Michael Riffaterre, Honore de Balzac, and Walter Benjamin
The posthumously published choral works of Benjamin Britten
Benjamin Britten's cantata "Saint Nicolas": Its relationship to medieval principles and traditions associated with the St. Nicholas liturgy
Adversity is the fool’s name for fate
Actual'nye voprocy ateisticheskoi propagandy = Current issues of atheistic propaganda, 1969
Portrait of the seven Briggs brothers, sons of Thomas Briggs of Bristol, New York, [s.d.]
The theme of the pastorale and the Russian Silver Age
A Latino bride and groom portrait, circa1890s
Exterior view of the Bejamin Forrest Haddan(Hadelam?) residence at 923 Nolden Street in Highland Park, [s.d.]
Exterior view of the Hotel Avalon on the corner of Fifth Street and Towne Avenue in Los Angeles, [s.d.]
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