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Structural features and modifiers of islet amyloid polypeptide: implications for type II diabetes mellitus
John Sanburn Phillips, letter, 1900-04-02, to Hamlin Garland
Lion Feuchtwanger and Marta Feuchtwanger sitting outside with their cats, 1920-1939
Window of Mission San Juan, San Antonio, Texas, ca.1900
Topographic map showing the Southern California coast and the Santa Clara region, [s.d.]
Five men watching an oil fire at an unidentified oil field, [s.d.]
Cereus gigantia cactus in the Arizona desert, 1915-1925
Design optimization under uncertainty for rotor blades of horizontal axis wind turbines
Role of cancer-associated fibroblast secreted annexin A1 in generation and maintenance of prostate cancer stem cells
Pasadena lumber yard fire, 1958
The Saint at Large presents the black party : rites X
Zulu with braided beard, Hermannsburg, South Africa, [s.d.]
Hindu man putting his foot over his shoulder to seek religious merit, Vārānasi , India, ca. 1920
Men performing tree surgery, San Gabriel grapevine, ca.1935
Hopi mother and daughter from a wealthy family at Mishongnovi (Mashongnavi), Arizona, ca.1898
Painting by C.V. Swedblom, depicting a cowboy being thrown from a bucking horse, ca.1929
Portrait of a Navajo Indian captain (or chieftain?), son-in-law of the great Chief Manuelito, wearing a very expensive necklace, Painted Desert, Arizona, ca.1901
Portrait of a Hopi Indian boy from a wealthy family, ca.1900
Mount Lowe oak forest, [s.d.]
Aerial view of Puddingstone Reservoir, ca.1930
View of the remains of a trolley car in front of the Valencia St. Hotel in San Francisco, 1906
Two young boys seated near the ruins of a railroad bridge, ca.1915
Ancient Oak on the Wilson estate at Huntington Drive in South Pasadena, ca.1900
Hill Ugh, an old Yuma Indian man, ca.1900
The painting "Eva" by Cabine, depicting a little girl sitting solemnly on a chair, [s.d.]
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