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139. Interviews of Lipton by Norman [1959-1960], Michaels [1959-09?], Garey, 1959-11-07
141. Open end (tv) Psychiatry, 1960-08-07; Rexroth "commercialization of revolt" (radio), 1960-08-13; Duff-Forbes, Frank & Earnest (radio), [1960-1962?]
The faces of Janus:  English -language fiction by German -speaking exiles in Great Britain, 1933--1945
492. Biography (tv), 1963-05-26; Growing edge, [s.d.]; Ersatz avant garde, [s.d.]; Brinkley's journal (tv), [1963-05-27]; Great conversations (tv), [1963-05-27]; Bin BBS notes, [s.d.]; Beat scene...
An Analytical-Historical Study Of The Factors Contributing To The Successof Mark Twain As An Oral Interpreter
An Examination Of Three Major Novels In World Literature In The Light Of Critical Precepts Derived From Tolstoy'S "What Is Art?"
Prediction Of Overt Behaviors In Hospitalized Psychiatric Patients
A Historical Study Of Oral Interpretation In London, 1951-1962 As A Form Of Professional Theatre
Studies In The Contemporary American And British Science Fiction Novel
The Effect Of Studying Controversial Issues On The Critical Thinking Skills Of Junior High School Social Studies Pupils
A Study Of The Composition And Design Of School Boards In Selected Private And Parochial High Schools In California
Soviet Russian Criticism 1960-1969 Of Seven Twentieth Century American Novelists
The Rhetoric Of The Methodist Camp Meeting Movement:  1800-1850
The Critics Of Bret Harte:  An Annotated Bibliography
Gender, Violence, And Empire In Central America
Albert B. Paine, letter, 1929-06-25, to Hamlin Garland
Albert B. Paine, letter, 1935-08-08, to Hamlin Garland
Carroll Sibley, letter, 1938-06-06, to Hamlin Garland
Street view in San Bernardino, California, includes courthouse, ca.1905, detail 1
Exterior view of the cottage of Orvin Clements in Carson City, Nevada, ca.1935
Exterior view of an old one-room cabin Mark Twain once resided in, Jackass Hill, ca.1930
Exterior view of "Territorial Enterprise" building in Virginia City, Nevada, ca.1930
View of Mount Davidson and Virginia, Nevada, ca.1930
Southern Pacific advertisement detailing the Taylor family's trip down the Pacific coast, [s.d.]
Panoramic view of Hollywood looking from Lookout Mountain, ca.1930-1939, detail 2
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