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"A Man in Four Million" -- caption on photograph
"Carnival in Flanders" Company arrival at Union Station, 1953
"Charcoal burning truck is making transport cheap," Shanghai Times 9/25/1935
"Jap Evacuation -- Two-year-old Keith Miyamoto" -- caption on photograph
"Jap Repatriates Rescued After Transport sinks" -- caption on photograph
"Japanese Board Repatriation Transport -- Sober faced Japanese, many of them children born in U.S., file aboard transport in Portland, Oregon to return them to Japan."--caption on photograph.
"Japanese Line-Up for Trip to Japan -- Young mothers, their youngest slung on their back, wait patiently to board transport on which they will be returned to Japan."--caption on photograph
"Japanese Seized in Roundup" -- caption on photograph
"Miss Transporation", 1955
"MP Helps Jap Child -- Pvt. Charles Robinson of Houston, Texas, carried sick Jap child when Japanese diplomats and their families from Europe boarded Army transport gen. G.M. Randall in Seattle t...
"Packing oranges, Southern California", postcard, circa 1910s
"The Land of Sunshine", magazine, 1899-01
"Turning His Back -- At San Pedro yesterday, Harada Teruyoshi (carrying suitcase) was one of 676 Japanese who turned their backs on the United States and boarded the transport General Ernst to sa...
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Law And Order: A Vanishing American Concept?
Recommendations For Public Art And Community Art Planning For Kobe, Japan
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