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119. Lipton, Carradine, et al. reading poetry, [s.d.]
121. Lipton interview; Foster, Judd, Forsberg, Nordine reading poetry, [s.d.]
123. Lipton interviews (UCLA & CBS), 1960-01-24
124. Open end (tv show) "Always leave them laughing", 1960-03-06
125. Barbarians story line; Helen Trent, 1959-07-16 - 1959-07-17
127. Lew Irwin reports, 1959-12-02, 1959-12-07; Alexander King, 1959-12-08
131. Micheline poetry reading; Poet recording (sci. fi.), 1958-10-28
133. Valin poetry reading; McGrath poetry reading, 1955-01-29; Lipton & Montrose discuss music for Jazz Canto, [before 1961]
135. Roskolenko, Boyd, Saroyan, Rabinowitz readings & discussion, [1955?]; Lipton interview of Foster (Firestone), [1955?]
Relative Efficiency Study Of Nested Case-Control Sampling In The Logistic Regression Model
Familiality and environmental risk factors of peptic ulcer: A twin study
Perceived discrimination, global self-worth, and self-esteem among Asian American adolescents
141. Open end (tv) Psychiatry, 1960-08-07; Rexroth "commercialization of revolt" (radio), 1960-08-13; Duff-Forbes, Frank & Earnest (radio), [1960-1962?]
Healthcare For All: Solving a California epidemic. A public relations plan for HFA foundation
149. Live program hosted by Lipton of poetry, music & talk, 1959-10-31
151. Lipton, Boyd, Perkoff, McGrath poetry reading, [1958 or 1959]
152. Alonze improv, [s.d.]; Eve magazine discussion, [1958]-09-19; Parker poetry reading, [s.d.]; Lipton & Foster discussion, [s.d.]
153. Helen Trent, 1959-09-17; Lipton & Meyer discussion, [s.d.]
154. Gas House entertainment permit hearings, 1959-08; Lipton, Hugh & Blanche discussion, [s.d.]; Lipton poetry reading, [s.d.]
155. Beatniks KNX radio program, [1960?]; Linkletter show, [1959?]; Viewpoint TV interview of Lipton by Stout, [1959?]
156. Lipton interview of Patchen; Interview of Lipton love-in of Easter Sunday, 1967
162. Helen Trent, 1959-08, 1959-08-19; Eve magazine discussion [1958?]; air traffic control radio, [s.d.]
189. Lipton, Boyd, on compassion & love, [s.d.]; Kenneally interview of Lipton, [1958?]; "1489 words" (radio show), [1957-02-10]; Farber, Brattin poetry reading, [s.d.]
The collection and use of student-level resource data in K--12 education
389. Poetry readings by Boyd, Perkoff, McGrath, Roskolenko, Saroyan, Foster, Lipton, Lacy, Margolis, Forsberg, 1957-1960
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