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Stones being hewed out for building a bridge.
Nestorian inscription on stone.
Setting the stage for gender equity: Gendered performances in community colleges.
Cameroon / Mambo / the brick works in action. Natives carry raw bricks to the oven. On the right: a building where the bricks are dried; a building where much of the work is carried out; a furthe...
Using GIS to explore the tradeoffs in hydrographic survey planning: an investigation of sampling, interpolation, and local geomorphology
Transport of building material at the mission station, Ayra[?], Ethiopia, 1935
A hindu prays to God in the form of a small stone. Flowers ... [illegible] ... .
Ajekar: stones which have been dug out while preparing a [new] rice field.
A stone lion which is supposed to keep evil influences from the house.
Chinese masons pounding the concrete walls, which set as hard as stone.
A stone fetish under a great tree. Offerings are made here of candles, paper money and paper sprinkled with the blood of offerings.
An analysis of the theory of guilt formation in the personality and some implications for Christian thought
Effective strategies used by general education teachers to address the learning needs of students with selective mutism
Ancestor cult in Bameta.
The 50 foot high granite pillar made from one block of stone, with a temple and an image of a deity at the top. Carcala, India.
Pudjun Village shrine. Stones are laid in the upper part, representing the deity to whom offerings are brought. Remains of offerings [are visible] (food, etc).
A stone deeply scored by rainwater was set up in the Chief's House in Mumfu in 1933 as protection against evil spirits.
The place where sacrifice is offered for the souls of deceased chiefs. The present chief leans on one of the stones, and his servant is carrying a flint-lock gun. (1928).
Temple in Halebid. (Mysore State).
On trek in Bandop's mountains.
Feature selection in high-dimensional modeling with thresholded regression
Problem-based learning in a dental school: measuring change in students' critical thinking skills
Glare studies: Comparison of three glare indices, HDR imaging and measured values
Greening historic districts with solar roofs: an exploration of Western Heights in Los Angeles
Mission house in Nsaba still unfinished.
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