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Naval Attaché (Tokyo). Two reports on aviation in the Sino-Japanese War, 1938
From amity to enmity: the breakdown in Sino-Japanese relations
Naval Attaché. Sino-Japanese conflict, 1938
Naval Attaché.  Lecture on the Sino-Japanese conflict, 1937-38
Asiatic Fleet. Reports on the Sino-Japanese situation, 1939
Naval Attaché. Sino-Japanese military situation at end of 1939
U.S. Marines.  Sino- Japanese Land Operations, 1937-1938
Naval Attaché. Peiping. Japanese artillery in Sino-Japanese Conflict - tactics in field operations in China, 1938
Asiatic Fleet. Some phases of the Sino-Japanese conflict (July to December 1937)
Some phases of the Sino-Japanese conflict (July to December 1937)
Asiatic Fleet. Landing and withdrawl of Japanese troops, 1937
Some Phases of the Sino-Japanese Conflict (July to December, 1937)
Asiatic Fleet. Report on the Sino-Japanese conflict in the area of Guangzhou, 1937
Naval Attaché. Note regarding diagrammatic sketches of Japanese aviation radio material, 1938 (diagrams not included)
4th Marines (Shanghai). Reports on Japanese military, 1937-1938
Naval Attaché. Political and military aspects of Shanghai and Sino-Japanese situation as pictured in newspaper editorials, 1937
Naval Attaché. Japanese espionage in Nanking and Chinese traitors, 1937
Navy Intelligence. Reports on Chinese and Japanese aerial bombs, 1938
Naval Attaché. Peiping. Sino-Japanese situation, 1931
Naval Attaché. Shanghai. Report on observation of the Sino-Japanese military operations from October 23 to 29, inclusive and 4 November, 1937
Asiatic Fleet. Intelligence report. Japanese carrier off Hong Kong, 1938
Naval Attaché (Tokyo). Operation of Japanese naval aviation, August to September 1937
Asiatic Fleet. Intelligence reports regarding the state of Shanghai under Japanese control, 1938
U.S. Marine report on a Japanese Army parade on Nanking Road in Shanghai, December 1937
Naval Attaché (Peiping). Report on the Sino-Japanese Situation. 1932
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