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An investigation of the visual symbol as a communicative function of the motion picture
New perspectives on ancient microbes and microbialites: from isotopes to immunology
Transnational film remakes: time, space, identity
Fourier transform infrared studies of guest-host interactions in ice
Rethinking feminist cinema: Agnès Varda and filmmaking in the feminine
Transport and guest-host interactions in amorphous and crystalline ice
Art and politics in the Russian satirical press, 1905-1908
The Buddhist world in modern Russian culture (1873-1919): Literature and visual arts
Epitafiia (Bureval, no.2, p.4, March 1906) ❧ A scull and laurels (Bureval, no.2, p.4, March 1906) ❧ Podbliudnaia pesnia (Bureval, no.2, p.4, March 1906) ❧ Vernye sredstva (Bureval, no.2, p.4, Mar...
Chervonnyi tuz, ili plameneiushchee serdtse svobody (Maski, no.1, p.[1], February 1, 1906)
Shakhmatnyi turnir. Stranichka iz srednevekovogo al'boma. (Maski, no.1, p.5, February 1, 1906)
Chepukha (Khronika za nedeliu) (Maski, no.1, p.8, February 1, 1906) ❧ A fat black devil holding two red disks (Maski, no.1, p.8, February 1, 1906) ❧ Subscription advertisements (Maski, no.1, p.8,...
Sergei Iul’evich, Count Witte, 1849-1915
Politika Trepova - "Ne zhalet' patronov" (Pulemet, no.1, p.6, 1905) ❧ Politika Vitte - "Ne zhalet' portfelei" (Pulemet, no.1, p.6, 1905)
Politika Vitte - "Ne zhalet' portfelei" (Pulemet, no.1, p.6, 1905) ❧ Politika Kuropatkina - "Ne zhalet' svoikh" (Pulemet, no.1, p.7, 1905)
A flying owl (Pulemet, no.1, p.8, 1905) ❧ O  Мarsel'ese (Pulemet, no.1, p.8, 1905) ❧ O patronakh (Pulemet, no.1, p.8, 1905) ❧ O chernom smekhe (Pulemet, no.1, p.8, 1905)
Pregnant Mother Russia (Satiricheskoe Obozrenie, no. 1, p.[5], 1906) ❧ Narodnye izbranniki sobiraiutsia v Dumu (Satiricheskoe Obozrenie, no. 1, p.[5], 1906)
Skazka o khitrom Sergee (Zhupel, no.1, p.6, 1905) ❧ A crayfish wearing a crown (Zhupel, no.1, p.6, 1905)
A story about two peasants and a general (Zhupel, no.1, p.7, 1905) ❧ A story about a crayfish (Zhupel, no.1, p.7, 1905) ❧ Human figure in an upside down triangle (Zhupel, no.1, p.7, 1905) ❧ Ierei...