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"(158) Walnuts 2. Shelling and picking walnuts by hand, El Monte, Calif.", stereoscopic photograph, 1920s
"2004---Spanish Town, Los Angeles, California", stereoview, circa 1878
"Answer to school questions" Fall clothes, Southern California, 1935
"Class of 1927, Garden Grove Grammar School", photograph, [1922/1927]
"Class of 1930, El Monte Union High School", photograph, [1925/1930]
"From Normal School, Looking East," sterescopic photograph, circa 1885
"Los Angeles High Recovers Own Fumble", photograph, 1922
"Report on an Experiment Made in Los Angeles in the Summer of 1917 for the Americanization of Foreign-born Women," report, 1917
"Son of Chinese Merchant", photograph, 1913-06-05
"The Japanese in rural Los Angeles county", pamphlet, 1920-06
"The Land of Sunshine", magazine, 1896-09, vol. 5, no. 4
"The Siren," student newspaper of Boyle Heights Junior High, 1922-10-19
12th annual fashion show and concert program, 1995
On The Limits Of Not Being Scripted: Video-Making And Discursive Positioning In Coastal Southeast Sulawesi
Computer training for older adults: Benefits and opportunities
A comparative study of older and younger adults who have received job-specific classroom training to determine if there are significant differences as they relate to job placement
An Analysis Of Technical And Liturgical Aspects Of Lighting In Sacred Christian Spaces
Perceptions And Realities: Women, Equality And Discriminatory Barriers In Japanese Society And Workplace
Public Art In Corporate Downtown Los Angeles
How Causal Attribution Influences Behavioral Actions Taken By Self-Aware Individuals
Crisis and values at Angel Crest Manor: A case study in long-term care management
An Analysis Of Nonresponse In A Sample Of Americans 70 Years Of Age And Older In The Longitudinal Study On Aging, 1984-1990
Implementation Aspects Of Bezier Surfaces To Model Complex Geometric Forms
It Was In The Air: Adolph Gottlieb, The Pictographs, New York, And The Zeitgeist Of The 1940S
Law And Order: A Vanishing American Concept?
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