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Floating bridge over the Suez Canal, Port Said, Egypt, [ s.d. ]
An old ayowa, in Atebubu, [said to have] fallen from heaven 200 years ago.
The missionaries who were said farewell to in May 1945: Revs. Bächthold, Peyer, Keller, and Miss Meister.
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And God Said..."Let It Rock": An original screenplay.
"Going Home -- Wearing beard, S. Yamashita lines up with other repatriates on deck.  He is 69 and said 'I go home to die'."--caption on photograph
Liza with a group of schoolgirls. Inrani is the one who once said that, to come to a knowledge of one's sins is only possible, when one knows Jesus.
An old woman stops by the wayside for her midday meal. When someone tried to take a picture of her, she said: 'But in what way am I beautiful to look at?'
Børn og personaleChildren and staff
Børn på legepladsenChildren at the playground
Gruppe af mødre og børnGroup of mothers and children
Who said anything about winning?
Suez maratime canal [caption on image].
Learning to fall
Auto-Orientalism and trauma
A study of the effectiveness of returning Saudi Arabian graduates from American universities in the national development of Saudi Arabia
The diversification of Cinemobile Systems Inc. into feature film production
Nonlinear finite element analysis of a fractured femur with internal fixation using nonlinear static condensation
The impact of selected social and familial factors on the academic achievement of female students in Saudi Arabia
An energy theory for the nonlinear finite element methods of structural dynamics
Studies on the metabolism of amino acids and lactate in normal and adrenalectomized rats using tritium- and 14C-labelled tracers
The Arab fishmonger Mohammad Hussain al-Beihani is a significant personality. He was baptized i...
Charles R., letters (c. 1962)
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