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"Merryland" and Neptune Theatre, Venice, Cal.
Avalon, Catalina Island from the Rocks, near Sugar Loaf.
Ball Room on the Pier, Venice, Calif.
Bath House and Beach, Ocean Park, Calif.
Bath House at Long Beach, Cal.
Broadway at Night, Los Angeles, Cal.
Bryson, at Wilshire Boulevard and Rampart Street, Los Angeles
Burrage Residence, Redlands, California.
Coast Highway at Castle Rock, Near Santa Monica, California.
Concessions on the Pier, Venice, California.
Court House, Riverside, Cal.
Crystal Falls, Shasta Springs, California. Shasta Route.
A novel electron beam source based on the back-lighted thyratron
An experimental investigation of the generation of electron beams and radiation during the back-lighted thyratron hollow cathode discharge
Dragon Gorge, Ocean Park, Cal.
Experimental study of the current filamentation instability
Neutron diffraction studies of metal hydride complexes
Vorticity in superfluid helium nanodroplets
Spatial and time resolved study of transient plasma induced oh production in quiscent CH4-air mixtures
Topics in high voltage pulsed power plasma devices and applications
A study of the role of Rab27 in lacrimal gland acinar cell secretory trafficking
Communities of innovation: Cyborganic and the birth of networked social media
Enhanced quasi-static particle-in-cell simulation of electron cloud instabilities in circular accelerators
Mitigation of ion motion in future plasma Wakefield accelerators
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