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"Mallarmé: portraitist of Baudelaire & Poe" by André Masson, [s.d.]
125. Barbarians story line; Helen Trent, 1959-07-16 - 1959-07-17
What Is The Most Effective English Teaching Method For Adult English As A Second Language (Esl) Learners?
141. Open end (tv) Psychiatry, 1960-08-07; Rexroth "commercialization of revolt" (radio), 1960-08-13; Duff-Forbes, Frank & Earnest (radio), [1960-1962?]
Recasting Vladimir Propp's formalist method through traditional Asian narratives
1998: L.A. Obscura
1999: Black History Exhibit
2001: Doheny Memorial Library
2002: Beyond the Tip of the Iceberg
2002: The Fantastic Menagerie
2002: Trojan of an Ebony Hue
2002: Visual and Virtual Paths to L.A.
2003: Charting the Here of There
2003: Out West
2003: Yvonne Brathwaite Burke
2007: Doheny Memorial Library 75th Anniversary
2010: C.L. Max Nikias: USC inauguration 2010
The friendly epistle in Russian poetry:  A history of the genre
395. Unidentified prose poetry readings, poetry readings by Perkoff, et al., Lipton & Foster book discussion, suicide & immortality discussion, [ca. 1956-1962]
523. Lee, Unja & Lipton, [s.d.]; Forsberg poetry, [s.d.]; Foster poetry & prose, [s.d.]; Unja poetry, [s.d.]; Unja & Lipton discussion, 1962-08-18
536. Today (tv program), 1963-08-12; Children's tv program, 1963-08-12; Rexroth autobiography, [s.d.]; Hip Hamlet, 1963-08-14; Russian scientist interview (tv program), 1963-08-14; Praise of Amer...
An Examination Of Three Major Novels In World Literature In The Light Of Critical Precepts Derived From Tolstoy'S "What Is Art?"
The Literary Kinship Of Leo N. Tolstoy And Romain Rolland:  A Comparativestudy Of The Epic Dimensions Of 'War And Peace' And 'Jean-Christophe'
A Well-Balanced Choral Program As Developed In The Los Angeles High Schools
John William De Forest:  A Study Of Realism And Romance In Selected Works
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