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Aleksei Nikolaevich Kuropatkin, 1845-1925
The Anglo-Russian rapprochement
Russian-Korean relations: 1860-1948
Spanish Anarcho-Syndicalism And The Russian Revolution, 1917-1922
A medal in the memory of a new law about freedom of press (Zritel', vol.1, no.24, p.8, December 04, 1905) ❧ Mass-meetings (Zritel', vol.1, no.24, p.8, December 04, 1905) ❧ From modern conversatio...
Modern Pirr. One more victory like this, and there is nothing left of me (Zritel', vol.1, no.19, p.4, November 03, 1905) ❧ A conversation of two mares (Zritel', vol.1, no.19, p.4, November 03, 19...
Ernst Conzelmann, born 7th September 1894, from Tailfingen, Württemberg, Brother in the Fifth Class, fell 10th March 1915, near Stolnike in Russian Poland.
Large tribal school built in Lamthong in 1913. Modern windows. Schools like this unfortunately do not last long.
Yogi evangelist: Swami Yogananda’s mission to modern America
No. 1. Euro-chinese building style, or glimpse in the courtyard of a modern chinese house.
Modernism in music
A part of the common grave with remains of bones of the unlucky whose bodies were thrown in this 'apeteseni' 'visit of the vultures'. The English burnt the pieces of these bones during several da...
Albert Haller, b. 24th August 1889, from Hausen in Wurttemberg, Brother in the 4th Class, who died 4th Sep. 1915 in Biala (Russian Poland).
Russian-expansion and state export of capital
India, nr. Madras: Seven pagodas. Seven pagodas ([is the] European name), Mahabalipuram (the ordinary Indian name), or Mammallapuram (the name used by modern Indian scholars) [... Cf. annotations].
Soviet Russian Criticism 1960-1969 Of Seven Twentieth Century American Novelists
Sawyers [...].
Study room of the seminary.
The Bosporan Kingdom in Russian historiography
Modern educational problems in China
An elementary course in Russian for secondary level.
A monster sitting on pile of banned periodicals (Bureval, no.1, p.2, March 1906) ❧ Bureval (Bureval, no.1, p.2, March 1906)
The reputation of the Russian novel in England, 1884-1914
Serghei Sazonov, Russian minister for foreign affairs, 1910-1916
Thousands of refugees live in this kind of tumble-down hut on the slopes of the hills. This is also an image of a dichotomy, however. A quite modern petrol station - and on the hill behind countl...
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