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Last ruins of the business section of El Dorado, ca.1930
Birdseye view of Los Angeles looking south from Sixth Street between Figueroa Street and Olive Street, ca.1925
Aerial view of downtown Los Angeles taken just above 12th Street, looking north up Broadway, ca.1921-1927
A view of Eighth Street in Riverside, looking west with Mount Rubidoux in background, ca.1900
Cost And Evaluation Of Three Methods Of Program Scheduling And Progress Reporting For High School Students
A Mathematical Model For Computer Assisted Course Structuring, Student Class Placement, Progress Reporting, And Program Evaluation
The role of the administrator in coordinating the evaluation of pupil progress
Unidentified street in Wilmington illustrating the raised buildings which assisted in keeping the buildings from being flooded by the backwater, ca.1925
Map showing the west coast of the United States from California to Oregon from United States Coast Survey of 1849-1851
Ezra Meeker arrives in Los Angeles area by oxcart to witness first great airmeet, 1910
The relationship between broken homes and school progress as indicated by school records
Portrait of Father Reguernes (or Regnerneo?) entering the holy (or sacred) garden of Mission Santa Barbara, 1895
The correlation between improvement in health and school progress: A study of undernourished children
Painting of Charles F. Lummis, by L. Borhell, ca.1918
Exterior view of the California state capitol building in Sacramento, ca.1900-1920
Exterior view of the California State Capitol building in Sacramento, ca.1900-1920
Exterior view of the California state capital building from the rear of the building, Sacramento, ca.1920
A group of children outside an early private school situated at the Mission, San Fernando Valley, California, ca.1884
An objective analysis of human relations as related to size of divisions of a large insurance company
A study to determine the effectiveness of a series of equated tests as measures of progress in typewriting
Relationship Between Output Growth, Population Growth, And Technological Progress In Determination Of Employment In Nine Selected Industries
An investigation of differences in collegiate academic progress among students participating and not participating in advanced placement
The Relationship Of Two Different Methods Of Reporting Pupil Progress To The Reading Achievement, School Attitude, And Self-Responsibility Of A Sample Of Sixth-Grade Pupils
The economic significance of industrial technology:  A study of the nature of technological progress in American industry and its economic significance
The comparative validities of item-sampling and traditional item-selection procedures for frequent assessment of student and class progress toward course objectives in introductory psychology
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