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The interaction of photo-responsive surfactants with biological macromolecules
Group photo without text
School children. Photo used 1969 School children. Photo overused 1969.
Danmission Photo Archive
HJ Brogaard Hansen. Photo 1982.
Aidrous Mosque. Photo used 1962.
Christa Fischer, DMS-Information, Photo 1988.
Arabic boy. Photo used 1961Arab boy. Photo overused 1961.
Arcot District, South India. Photo by Kaj Baagø, 1964. (No information about the photo).
Two Somali women. Photo used 1966
Two Bejhani women. Photo used 1952
Aden Airport.Photo: Public Relations Department Aden.
Young Westerners visiting Nepal. (Photo 1987-88).
Photo without text: Location, Church service/celebration (?).
Photo without information - Country, location, persons, etc. (?)
Anni Andersen, reception staff. Photo 1984
Dr. Kenneth Cragg in portrait (photo 1958)
Susanne Olsgaard Berntsen, correspondent. photo 1984
Oda Kaastrup, publishing employee. photo 1985
The bookshop in Aden. Photo used 1961
Boys playing Knucklebones. Aden Photo used 1950
The bookshop in Aden. Photo used 1962
The bookshop in Aden. Photo used 1957
Woman from Sjukra, Hadramaut. Photo used 1963
Esper Holst Jensen, volunteer. Photo 1984
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