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The Bamum King Yoya [Njoya] in Hausa robes.
Wives of the King in Fumban.
The Chief with entourage.
Masked Dancers.
Hausa musicians at the Sowing Festival in Fumban.
A man spinning in Bali, with his friend.
Electric vehicle integration into the distribution grid: impact, control and forecast
The Mbengwi-chief in front of his palace.
Bakobngwan woman. Notice the furrow on her head caused by carrying heavy loads with a head-band. From their early years the girls, like their mothers, carry food from the fields home and to the m...
Two small visitors at the Mission Station.
Magic cards used by the Mbembe, metal plates used with the spider oracle.
The chief of Bambulewi with his children.
Hausa traders.
A bunch of palm-nuts.
A Bali man carrying palm-ribs.
Protection for the fields.
The Isango house in Betenge with the Chief and 2 village elders.
In the chief's compound. Visiting the chief.
Ikono or Dikili, prayer- and ceremonial-mound. Cameroon.
The village square in Ako.
Rev. Leu in the steppes.
The house of a secret society in Betenge (Dikume district).
Feeding a child; (liquid broth is poured into the child's mouth from a calabash, while somebody holds its nose).
Hausa butchers on the market in Fumban.
Market scene in Bamum.
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