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"Ann" at KFI, Southern California, 1933
"Kentucky Boy" after retouching, Southern California, 1935
'Pinkie' his daughter, Art Sudelman, Southern California, 1934
(Names inside) portraits of salesmen, Los Angeles, Calif., 1940
Preservation Of Fossil Fish In The Miocene Monterey Formation Of Southern California
Barnacles as mudstickers? The paleobiology, paleoecology, and stratigraphic significance of Tamiosoma gregaria in the Pancho Rico Formation, Salinas Valley, California
2 ties, Desmonds, Southern California, 1934
3 cans of Iris vegetables, Los Angeles, Calif., 1939
Preparation and use of photonic band gap structures to manipulate the optical properties of photoactive materials
4 men admiring bathing girl, Southern California, 1935
Andy Andrews, "Shell hour",  Southern California, 1934
Arrowhead water truck, Southern California, 1935
Author - Alexander Woollcott, Southern California, 1935
Author Don Blanding, Southern California, 1935
Author Nina Fedorova, Los Angeles, Calif., 1940
Author, Richard Halliburton, Southern California, 1932
Babies talking, etc., Teaser campaign, Baby La Belle, Southern California, 1934
Balanced power (musicians), Southern California, 1934
Banquet for retiring president, Los Angeles, Calif., 1941
Baseball Los Angeles Dodgers versus Philadelphia, 1961
Bauning, Palm Springs, CA, 1934
Bergay perfume bottle & box, Southern California, 1935
Bessie Ray Hoover, letter, 1912-07-12, to Hamlin Garland
Billy O'Sullivan for Christmas card, Southern California, 1933
Boating at Cabrillo Beach, Los Angeles, CA, 1931
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