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Aging well in an adult residential care home, Lunalilo Home
The influence of family structures on adolescent smoking among multicultural adolescents in Hawaii
A program for permutation analysis in candidate gene case-control studies
Symbols, myth and TV in Hawai'i:  "Hawaiian Eye", "Five-O" and "Magnum P.I.". The first cycle
Exploring Na Wahine leadership from a Native Hawaiian perspective
Native Hawaiians' success in higher education:  Predictive factors and bachelor's degree completion
'Undesirables':  Unsavory Elements Among The Japanese In America Prior To 1893 And Their Influence On The First Anti-Japanese Movement In California
The Treatment Of Mexican-American History In Contemporary American High School Textbooks
The Concept Of "Disadvantagement" And Its Implications For American Education
The Mafundi Preschool:  A Case Study
Exterior view of the Sanchez Rancho adobe in San Pedro Valley, about fifteen miles south of Golden Gate, 1937
Two Hawaiian girls posing in a studio, ca.1907
A group of children gather in front of a native Hawaiian school for girls, ca.1890
Two men on horses in the midst of huge Hawaiian tree ferns, 1907
Group of people gathered about a banquet table on a lawn for a luau, Hawaii, 1907
Group of native Hawaiian hula dancing girls and musicians, Hawaii, 1907
Native Hawaiian family on the beach near some coconut palm trees, Hawaii, 1907
A native Hawaiian farmer's grass hut and cocoanut grove behind, [s.d.]
Portrait of native Hawaiian family sitting on the floor eating poi, Hawaii, 1907
Two Native Hawaiian men grinding taro root for poi, Hawaii, [s.d.]
Portrait of Queen Liliuokalani of the Hawaiian Islands, [s.d.]
Chinese musical instruments
Native mat houses and native family feast, Hawaii, 1896
Native boats and river scene, Honolulu, 1896
Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce group leaving Hawaiian islands, 1907
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