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Exterior view of the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah, [s.d.]
Exterior view of a Mormon Grist Mill in San Bernardino, ca.1895
Exterior view of an old Mormon mill near San Bernardino, ca.1896
Aerial view facing west, Mormon Temple, Santa Monica Boulevard, West Los Angeles, Westwood,City of Santa Monica, Pacific Ocean
Mormon youth group conference, 1954
Portrait of Martha Hunter Taylor, daughter of Captain Jesse Hunter of Mormon Battalion, 1890
Arrivals of officials of Mormon Church, Southern California, 1927
Exterior view of the Mormon Temple behind a thicket of trees, Salt Lake City, Utah, [s.d.]
Exterior of the abandoned Mormon Mill in San Bernardino on Mill creek, ca.1895
Debs at Mormon music festival, 1958
Mormon Temple, Honolulu, Hawaii, ca. 1930-1950
Ruins of Elder Amasa Lyman's residence and the Mormon Council House, San Bernardino, (constructed?) February 23, 1865
View of Mormon Hill, Palmyra, New York, ca.1823
Mormon dedication, Fort Moore (monument), 1958
Women from Mormon Church planning fashion show, 1958
Mormon cemetery with Brigham Young's grave in Salt Lake City, Utah, [s.d.]
WPA household census for 160 MORMON, Los Angeles County
Portrait of Sam Huner, son of Captain J. D. Hunter of the Mormon Battallion, [s.d.]
Dedication of new Mormon chapel at 1635 West 9th Street in San Pedro, 1958
Exterior view of a Mormon Assembly Hall in Salt Lake City, Utah, [s.d.]
Aerial view facing southeast overlooking Gaffey Street, West Basin, Smith's Island, Mormon Island, Cerritos Channel, Terminal Island
WPA block face card for household census of Dock, Seaside, Sample, Boschke, Genoa, Ocean, Mormon Streets, in Los Angeles County
Borrowed music in Mormon hymnals
The Mormon colonies in Chihuahua, Mexico
The social program of the Mormon Church
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