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A Comparison Of Antonymically Sequenced Stimuli And Nonantonymically Sequenced Stimuli When Used To Develop Word Meanings With Beginning Kindergarten Children
Visual Presentation Strategies And Conceptual Learning
Art Institute groundbreaking, 1956
Art show before City Council, 1951
California Club, 1959
Cartoons, 1955
Mural painting which depicts the founding of Los Angeles, ca.1931-1939
County Art Institute faculty exhibit, 1958
County Fair, Pomona, 1951
Dedication of Gallery of County Art Institute, 1957
Director of Fine Arts exhibit, 1951
A descriptive survey study of Los Angeles County physician-perceived expectations of continuing medical education
Teaching self-monitoring to Chinese-American and Anglo-American adolescents
A new deal for art in Southern California: Murals and sculpture under government patronage
Five Los Angeles pioneer modernists: A study of the 1940's paintings of Peter Krasnow, Knud Merrild, Oskar Fischinger, Lorser Feitelson, and Helen Lundeberg
Los Angeles City Hall East. Untitled mural, c.1973, panel 2 of 2
Scottish Rite Masonic Temple, Los Angeles, 1961
Home Savings of America, Beverly Hills, 1953, detail 2 of 2
Rancho San Antonio -- Don Antonio Lugo 1853, 1975, detail 2 of 2
Recreational horseback riding, Rancho Palos Verdes, 1974
Three episodes of Shakespeare, Claremont, 1966
Early California history, Pomona, 1956
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