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Place production in globalizing middle eastern cities: a study of Cairo and Dubai
Under the olive-tinted limelight: five actresses of Middle Eastern descent on film and TV representation
The impact of 9/11 on the judicial treatment of Middle Eastern asylum applicants in the U.S. courts
The use of differentiation in English medium instruction in Middle Eastern primary schools: a gap analysis
Woman with her children, Eastern Arabia, 1966
The Middle Eastern oil exporting countries: Absorptive capacity, market sharing, and investment strategies
Public diplomacy and the media in the middle east, 2013
Children's Camp, Rødovre High School, Eastern Asia
Nigerian Eastern railway track, Nigeria, ca. 1936
Accra, Eastern part of town.
The Hospital in Anchung, The eastern part of the front yard
FEBC (Far Eastern Broadcasting Corporation, Cambodia, Phnom Penh. Director Samousen Imtal med æ...
Eastern hillside at the mission station Harmshusen, Adis Abeba, Ethiopia, 1931
Notre Dame Mission, eastern Mongolia, China, ca.1920-1940
Campaigning for a seat on the United Nations Security Council: a middle power reflection on the role of public diplomacy, 2011
Minbar or pulpit in the Great Eastern Mosque, Xian, Shaanxi, China, 1936
Psychopathology of fanaticism: A case study in the fanaticism of the Islamic Iranian revolution
A study of public education in Iraq, with suggestions for its reorganization
Community paleoecology and global diversity patterns during the end-Guadalupian extinction (middle-late Permian) and the transition from the Paleozoic to modern evolutionary faunas
Tracking fluctuations in the eastern tropical north Pacific oxygen minimum zone: a high-resolution geochemical evaluation of laminated sediments along western North America
View of Chang Chia Chuan, the stronghold of Islam in South Eastern Gansu, China, 1936
Diakonia in Cario 1992. Eastern Orthodox Church school in one of Cairo's garbagecities. One pup...
From Irente School for blind students, the North Eastern Tanzania. Here the students are dancin...
Essays on the new economic history of the Middle East
Eastern Bali, rice fields.
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