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Microoptoelectromechanical system fluorescence biosensor
John Somerville oral history, 1968 [transcript]
Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County, Exposition Park, Los Angeles, CA, 1924 [image]
Young Men's Christian Association, 207 Fort St., Los Angeles, ca.1900
Understanding bilingual Latino parents’ experiences of their children’s autism services in Los Angeles: a critical ethnography
Talmadge Apartments, 3278 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, ca.1925
Los Angeles history (streets), 1906, 1960
Magnificent Doheny Memorial Library dedicated, 1932-09-13
Talmadge Apartments, Wilshire & Berendo St., Los Angeles, 1952
Ken Akune, oral history
Noted leaders, scholars in ceremony on campus, 1932-09-12
Sentous Building, 617 N. Main St., Los Angeles, 1957
Ken Akune, oral history
History of Los Angeles, Los Angeles, 1991
Robert "Rusty" Kimura, oral history
Los Angeles history, 1960
Hobi Fujiu, oral history, 2001-03-24
Arthur Ito, oral history, 2003-08-09
Saburo Nishime, oral history, 2003-09-29
Cedrick Shimo, oral history, 2004-03-28
Toshiro Hiraide, oral history, 2003-02-23
Jimmie Kanaya, oral history, 2001-09-01
Bert Nishimura, oral history, 2003
Gary Shiota, oral history interview
Noboru Yoshimura, oral history, 2009-06-25
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