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Lorry park.
Bombe. On the left school, on the right church, in front a lorry from Buea.
Lorry park in Kumase.
Lorry with teachers from Agogo.
The mission's motor lorry.
Basel Mission factory, lorry review, Accra.
Accra, the first Ford lorry 1923.
Kathmandu, Nepal. December 1984. Lorry for delivery of goods to the UMN Projects.
Accra: Martini lorries 1915. Despatch department in the courtyard.
A lorry with barrels of cement.
Dodowa: Basel Mission Trading Company lorries from Accra c. 1910.
Winneba, car show with 25 lorries: drivers working with GMC cars.
Dodowa: Basel Mission Trading Company lorries, c.1910,  Nos. 1,2,3,4 and 5.
Dodowa: Basel Mission Trading Company lorries from Accra, c. 1910. Bernez (?) 1903/12.
Car park. (Lorry park).
Daimler lorry 1914.
Dodowa: Basel Mission Trading Company lorries on the road to Accra. They had been sent to Dodowa to fetch cocoa.
Sekondi, Lorry Service Sekondi-Accra.
Sekondi, Lorry Service Sekondi-Accra.
First AEG 5 ton lorry designated for the Gold Coast, 1904.
Gold Coast: Dodowa 1910. 2 1/2 ton daimler lorries. C. Jauch.
Accra: lorry prepared for the reception of the Governor. From left to right: Hugo Wilhelm and Albert Scholz. November 1913.
The lorry park in Kumase.
Accra: daimler lorry (Jan. 1914).
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