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Home work:  Women, accomplishments, and Victorian constructions of class
Incidental Learning Of Formal Grammar In Advanced Typewriting Classes
The Major Religious Poems Of Christopher Smart
An Anatomy Of Humor
Charles L. Lowman:  His Role In Physical Education
Drayton And Decorum:  A Stylistic Study Of The Relation Of Ornament To Subject In 'Peirs Gaveston' (1593) And 'Englands Heroicall Epistles' (1619)
The Cardiovascular Responses To Breath-Hold Diving In The Free-Swimming California Sea Lion, Zalophus Californianus
The Good Life:  The Development Of A Concept In Smollett'S Novels
A Case Study Regarding Teacher Attitude Toward Ppbs
Richardson In Holland And His Influence On Wolff And Deken'S 'Sara Burgerhart.'
The Respiratory Response Of Anesthetized Dogs To Venous And Inhaled Carbon-Dioxide Loading
Hopi Indian pueblo of Walapi (or Walpai) on mesa, ca.1901
Painted portrait of Saint Agnes reading a book with a lamb in front of her, [s.d.]
Painted portrait by Alonso Cano depicting Saint Agnes, [s.d.]
Statue of the virgin and martyr Santa Inez (Saint Agnes) with a lamb at Mission Santa Inez, ca.1906
Painting of St. Francis at Mission Santa Barbara School, ca.1905
Exterior view of the Fischer Vaudeville Theater (now City Hall), between Main Street and Spring Street, ca.1905
Shop on the southeast corner of 7th Street and Grand Street, Los Angeles, 1912
Flock of sheep in a field, ca.1900
Religious lithograph, "The Little Child Shall Lead Them", depicting a child surrounded by wild and domesticated animals, [s.d.]
The painting "Innocence" depicting the Madonna and child with a lamb, [s.d.]
The painting "The Good Shepherd" by Shields depicting Jesus surrounded by sheep, [s.d.]
The painting "When Love Reigns" by Strutt depicting children surrounded by beasts, [s.d.]
"The Lost Sheep", a painting by Alfred M. Soord depicting a haloed mountain shephard trying to rescue one of his flock, [s.d.]
Typical shepherd, Palestine, ca.1900-1910
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