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Wakamba lad in Ikutha, Ikutha, Kenya, [s.d.]
Kamba lad with ornamental scars, Kenya, ca.1900-1909
Machame lad, 12 years old pupil, Tanzania, ca.1900-1909
A Kamba lad ready to leave, Kenya, ca.1900-1909
Maya lads of Quintana Roo planting crosses of the outdoor stations, Mexico, ca. 1947
Dajak lads from Pudjun.
Machame lad, Tanzania, ca.1900-1909
A strapping lad in a European jacket.
Lads who need a thorough wash.
Krepost (Adskaia pochta, no.2, p.[3, 6-7], 1906) ❧ Head of a witch (Adskaia pochta, no.2, p.[7], 1906) ❧ Na novyi lad (Adskaia pochta, no.2, p.[7], 1906) ❧ Decorative image (Adskaia pochta, no.2,...
Analysis of robustness and residuals in the Affymetrix gene expression microarray summarization
Old dajak house in P. Bahandang. A dajak lad stands by the remarkable stairway, to give an idea of the scale.
One of my schoolboy-patients. A poor chap, who has to put up with much pain. I have people like him coming to me every day for treatment. For lads like these, who are not able to work, the little...
Three-dimensional exospheric hydrogen atom distributions obtained from observations of the geocorona in Lyman-alpha
View of refinery exteriors, Southern California, 1934 [image 2]
A young man with neural leprosy at Jiangmen, China, [s.d.]
The robustification of the lasso and the elastic net: utility in practical research settings
A wedding at Tunghua, China, 1941
Dog shooting damage suit, 1953
Maryknoll Sister with graduates at Dalian, China, 1938
Diakonia in Cario 1992. Christians smallholder farmers who have moved to the city. They each ha...
Alfred A. Wright, letter, 1938-08-29, to Hamlin Garland
Mr. Weber and Mrs. Doald, Southern California, 1934 [image 1]
Wigglesworth, letter, 1922 June 21, Oakland, to Mundell
Church of the Immaculate Conception, Concepcion, Guatemala, April 1947
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