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"225. A street in Chinatown, L.A.", photograph, circa 1898
"400" Dinner Dance -- Beverly Hills Hotel, 1953
"Ann" at KFI, Southern California, 1933
"Blossom Time" publicity, leading lady, Southern California, 1935
"Cactus Fence, on Spring St., L.A.", stereoscopic photograph, circa 1882
"Class of '92: U. S. C. June 5, 1889", photograph, 1889-06-05
"Competition 3": hotel or office complex photos, 1990s?
"Corporal Hiroshi Sugiyama's body to return to native San Francisco" and clipping in Japanese
"Dad's Market at 721 E. Third St., L.A.", photograph, circa 1900s
"Football at L.A.  Coliseum" score board, USC, 1956
"GI guide to Italy, clipping
"Hansel and Gretel" Opera (at Shrine auditorium) -- children watching opera, 1953
"I have no clothes to wear", Los Angeles Times, Southern California, 1940
"I like the Times Funnys", Southern California, 1935
"Just the car we wanted", Southern California, 1936
"Just the House we've always wanted." - Francis Pyle, Southern California, 1936
"K & D of T, June 21st 1914, L. A., Cal.", photograph, 1914-06-21
"Kingfish" shooting, 1958
"Kosloff" and dancers, Southern California, 1934
"Mallarmé: portraitist of Baudelaire & Poe" by André Masson, [s.d.]
"Miss Bay Beach" contest winner (Ocean Park), 1952
"Miss California Junior" contest, 1953
"My L. A.",  1951
"New Dream" for show cards, Southern California, 1936 [envelope front]
"Nisei receive decorations in Army Day fete", clipping
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