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Title page, "Korean Methodism on Kauai"
Syngman Rhee to Korean Commission
The Koreans in Hawaii
Korean women and government.
Korean pilot school.  Willows Daily Journal. Articles
Soon Hyun to Koreans in New York
Soon Hyun to Koreans in Tampico, Mexico
Soon Hyun to Koreans in Chicago
Soon Hyun to Koreans in Dinuba, California
Letter to KNA about emergency situations with Koreans in Mexico
Syngman Rhee, President of the Korean Provisional Government in Shanghai, orders the establishment of the Korean Commission, 1919
Kungminhoe. Census of Koreans in Sacramento. 1942.
The principles and program of the Korean National Revolutionary Party in Chungking, China.
Henry Chung at the Young Korean Military School
Proclamation of Women's Korean Independence
Korean American Pioneer Council. Minutes.
Korean underground reports to CIA
Christmas Exercises : Korean Methodist Episcopal Church bulletin
By-laws of Korean Mutual Benevolent Association
Korean Methodist Church, Los Angeles. 1953-1959.
Korean peasant family in front of their thatched hut
United Korean Committee in America. Rental agreement, 1944.
Soon Hyun to Koreans in San Francisco
Soon Hyun to Koreans in Chicago
Korean National Guard unit marching
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