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"A Japanese doctor examines the throat of a patient at Santa Anita's hospital."--caption on photograph
"A Man in Four Million" -- caption on photograph
"Army Takes Over -- Circle locates Tule Lake, California, where the Army was reported today to have taken over the segregation center for disloyal Japanese after a civilian security guard was bea...
"Army Takes Over Segregation Center -- The Army has taken over control of the Tule Lake segregation center for disloyal Japanese after a civilian security guard was beaten" -- caption on photograph
"Barracks To House Evacuated Japanese -- The first of 350 such barracks to house 10,000 Japanese evacuated from Southern California cities" -- caption on photograph
"Bee Vee" for counter cards, Beverly Vogue, Southern California, 1938
"Christian science: a soul danger." Roker tracts, no. 9, [s.d.]
"Cinderella" contest (Pasadena), 1951
"Construction Pushed On Japanese Community" -- caption on photograph
"Faith", [s.d.]
"Gathered at the annual meeting of the Japanese Association" -- caption on photograph
"General View of Relocation Center -- This is a general view of the Tule Lake, California, Japanese relocation center located near the California-Oregon border and 40 miles southeast of Klamath F...
"General view of the center and barracks area looking approximately south east from a sentry tower."--caption on photograph
"Good Food and plenty of it is served to the Japanese evacuees at the Santa Anita reception center" -- caption on photograph
"Hair cuts are only $.20 each at this, one of several such beauty salons within the center.  Photo shows a small section of one of the large, modern, well-equipped salons."--caption on photograph
"Jap Reception Center Nears Completion" -- caption on photograph
"Japanese Tots Sing English Songs -- A kindergarten tots under supervision of Aiko Sumoge, assistant teacher, sing an English folk song in class at the Tule Lake, California, Japanese relocation ...
"Just the car we wanted", Southern California, 1936
"Lord Here I Am", Kenneth Glover, [s.d]
"Older Japanese men are shown busy weeding the onions in the large truck farm maintained at the center"--caption on photograph
"Pentecost" not hypnotism, 1907[?]
"Potato Planting Time at Relocation Center" -- caption on photograph
"San Francisco Japanese Face Crisis" -- caption on photograph
"Shown is the Senate Committee as investigations get underway at the Tule Lake Japanese camp" -- caption on photograph
"Shown is the State Senate Committee as investigation of conditions at the Tule Lake Japanese internment center began" -- caption on photograph
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